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Take Time for a Soul Makeover

Posted on March 11, 2018 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The other day I came out of the market and immediately heard a woman screaming into her cell phone: ”that f****ng a*****e is gonna pay for that!”

I looked over to see where all the vulgar words were coming from, and there was this woman standing next to her beautiful car. She was dressed to kill. Her makeup was done to perfection, and not one hair on her head was out of place. She looked like she was going to a fabulous wedding, but she sounded so unpleasant and bad tempered that she actually appeared ugly. All her negative energy just made me jump in my car and get out of there.

Then as I was driving away, I realized so clearly right then that there is no amount of makeup to apply to your face that can cover up what is on the inside of you.

Every time you use profanity it dulls your light. Every time you think negative thoughts like anger, resentment, jealousy, shame or bitterness, you are poisoning yourself. Your thoughts really do create your reality. If you want to be beautiful, try thinking beautiful thoughts. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into your outer beauty; if you do not put effort into your inner beauty as well, you are wasting your time.

Take some time this week to do a makeover. A soul makeover. Clean out those negative thoughts in your mind, dig up those roots of bitterness in your heart, sit in silence and listen to your breath. Your breath is the voice of your soul. Let your soul talk to you. Take off that mask and stop pretending to be anyone but you. If you can stop criticizing yourself and everyone else you will see a new you when you look in the mirror. You will see a beautiful you smiling back. Look into your beautiful eye and tell yourself that you love you and that you forgive you. Break free of the bondage of unforgiveness. Express gratitude for your body. Did you know that when you treat your body nice, it will treat you nice too. Don’t do anything to dull your light. You were made to shine! Be radiant and glow from the inside out.

“ Beauty is not in the face;

beauty is a light in the heart.”

- Kahlil Gibran

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Posted on March 5, 2018 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Time to get out your green. Seems like everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! But here is the thing: what color green should you wear to be in harmony with your energy?

If you are the bubbly, outgoing type, you can wear a bright green. However, if you are naturally more subdued and sensitive, a subdued green is better for you. Now if you are dynamic, and extroverted with a lot of push, then you look good in a rich kind of earthy green. Last but not least, if you have a tendency to have an introvert expression reflecting perfection in a bold way, then a really bold, striking green is the one for you. Anyway, I hope you have fun celebrating St. Patrick.

Did you know that St. Patrick wasn’t Irish? He lived in Britain and when he was 16, he was captured by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Ireland, where for 6 years he lived as a shepherd before escaping and returning home.

The ordeal had a spiritual effect on him and he decided to study in a monastery. Years later he was assigned to minister to a small Christian community in Ireland. That is how he began to spread Christianity and got his claim to fame as the most successful missionary in Ireland.

Did you know green was not his color? It was blue! I wonder what he thinks about everyone wearing green?

“May your troubles be less

and your blessings be more

and nothing but happiness come through your door.”

- Irish Blessing

I am wishing you a marvelous March!

Don't miss the next Dress to Express Your True Self Workshop at 1620 Winery in Plymouth!

I'm very excited to host my Dress to Express Your True Self Workshop at 1620 Wine Bar on March 22nd, along with Bobbi Jo Tonsberg and Joan Lyons! Hope you can join us! Here's the info:

Join 1620 Wine Bar & Deborah O'Brien from Bliss Full Styling & Self Image for a night of fashion knowledge Thursday, March 22nd from 6-8:30pm! Learn your "number" and how you can dress to express your true self. We will also be featuring Bobbi Jo Tonsberg, owner of Salon at Stonecroft, as well as Joan Lyons, owner of 3 Daughters Jewelry, Apparel, & Gifts. Bring your friends, enjoy some wine, & watch these makeovers happen right before your eyes! You will leave this event with with the knowledge of your unique type of beauty and we guarantee you will feel more confident and excited about your clothes and your personal style.

Tickets are $35 on Eventbrite (go to our Events page for link).

February Events You'll Love!

Posted on February 6, 2018 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (1)

Happy February!

Hello Everyone!

I hope this letter finds you feeling well and enjoying every moment of your life. January was a tough one with the frigid temperatures, icy walkways and the flu spreading all over the place. A lot of people were down. But I have found that whenever something happens to knock me off my feet, there is a reason. I think it is God's way to say, ”slow down and spend some time with me.” Whether you believe in God or not, I am inviting you to make the month of February your month to fall in love with yourself and your life.

Love Your Life Workshops

February 3rd, 10th, 15th, or 24th

It’s February, and has anything changed?

Are you still doing the same old things, the same old way, with the same old results?

Do you wake up every morning thinking, “today is the day things will get better," but they never do?

Are you ready to change but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Attend our FREE Love Your Life workshops. The next one is on Saturday, February 3rd from 10:30am-12:00pm at the Hanover Apartments Business Center in the Pinehills. You’ll discover:

The secrets to loving your life

The habits you need to break before they break you

The keys to open the door to your best life ever

How to feel more energized and alive

Everyone who attends will receive an autographed copy of my book, Bliss - Behind the Mask, my inspirational story of how I overcame addition and self-destruction, and transformed my life!

RSVP now by email: or call 774-255-0247.

Bliss Full Self Love Challenge

February 2-10

I have a new challenge for you for you this month. It is called the BlissFull Self Love Challenge.

Do you love yourself? You really can’t love yourself until you know yourself. It took me years to learn how to love myself. In fact, it was the hardest thing I ever did! It was a challenge – that’s why I’m challenging you now. Everyone needs a little push. Watch my video to learn more about the Blissfull Self Love Challenge! Then, read on...

Over the course of 9 days starting on Friday, Feb. 2nd, you'll learn a little more about yourself by answering one introspective question each day, based on the acronym B.L.I.S.S.F.U.L.L. After taking the Challenge, you'll come to a place of knowing yourself a little better and loving yourself a lot more! You can download the worksheets on the Self Love Challenge page on this website.

Be sure to check my Facebook page each day to watch a new video about the question of the day. Each video will also be posted on my website in case you miss any on Facebook.

Remember that self-love is the best gift you can give yourself this Valentine’s Day and every day! It is my deepest wish for you to have a really happy Valentine's Day this year and I hope that after you take the Challenge, you will love your life more fully, more deeply and more richly than ever before.

Walking with Purpose Women's Bible Study

Have you been really down on yourself? Do you doubt that God really loves you? Have you been searching for more meaning in your life? Starting on February 13th, I am offering a brief but powerful 6-week Walking with Purpose Women’s Bible Study at St. Bonaventure in Manomet. Meetings will be every Tuesday at 10:30am in the Parish Center. For details on the program, visit The program is called ”Living in the Father's Love.” Come get renewed, revived and refreshed as you discover just how much God loves you.

Maybe January didn’t get off to a fabulous start but it is not to late to change things around and make 2018 your best year yet!



Happy New Year!

Posted on December 30, 2017 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Happy New Year Everybody!

It’s time to celebrate you! Yes, you!

Before you make any resolutions this year, decide to be you. Take off your mask and just be you, the real you.

To quote Dr. Seuss, ”Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

In the next few days, I hope you can find some quiet time to reflect back on 2017. Start by writing a list of all your accomplishments. If you have trouble remembering, look back through your journal or calendar. Give yourself credit for what you have done. When you stop and remember all the good moments from last year, it will help you move into 2018 with confidence and grace.

Now think about the New Years resolutions you made in the past. Be honest with yourself. How many of them actually stuck? Research shows that only 8% of people who make resolutions achieve them. So what do they do differently than you? They don’t give up when they slip up.

Vince Lombardi said, ”It isn’t whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”

Resiliency is the key. Do something different this year. Don’t turn a slip-up into an excuse to give up.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your resolutions:

1.  Be very clear about your resolution. Think about it. Decide what one habit you would really love to change.

2. Write it down and write why you want to change that habit. Put some emotion into it. Imagine what your life would be like if you could change that habit. Write about how different your life would be. Feel what it would feel like. Really feel it!

3. Tell your friends and family what you decide to do so that they can support you.

4. Congratulate yourself with little rewards.

5. Forgive yourself if you slip up and get right back on track.

6. Remember, don’t turn a relapse into a failure. When you get knocked down, get back up and start all over again.

Don’t forget if you need any help, I am here for you. During the month of January, Bonnie Templeman of Embrace One Change and I will be giving advice and tips on how you can look and feel better in 2018. Be sure to stop by and get a jump start on living younger longer. We will help you get out of that rut of feeling sick and tired, and show you how to start to feel healthy, vibrant and alive so that you can enjoy every moment of your new year.

The hardest part of making any good habit is just starting. With each new habit you can live a healthier life for the rest of your life.

God bless you with a blissful new year filled of abundance and love!

Speaking of 2018, I'm excited to announce that I've teamed up with Bonnie Templeman of Embrace One Change on a special event in January called "Live Younger Longer!" The event will be held on January 3rd, 8th, 20th, 24th and 29th at The Hanover at The Pinehills in Plymouth MA.

Come join us - this event is FREE, and you'll get tips on how to feel better, look better and do better in the new year! Topics include nutrition, skincare, stress relief, inspiration, and dressing to express your true self. We're passionate health advocates who focus on helping people to be their best. We'll help you sparkle, shine and glow from the inside out in 2018!

Dates and times:

Wednesday, January 3rd: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Monday, January 8th: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Saturday, January 20th: 10:30 - 12:00pm

Wednesday, January 24th: 6:00 - 7:30pm

Monday, January 29th: 1:00 - 2:30pm 

Space is limited, so choose your date and make your reservations today. Bring a guest! 


Deborah: 774-255-0247 (call or text)

Bonnie: 508-747-0284 (call or text)

Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 11, 2017 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a blissful and peaceful holiday season. Just like the song goes, “Let it begin with you.”

This year, be you...don’t pretend to be anyone but you. So much conflict around the holidays starts with our efforts to please everyone. Let go of the need to be perfect and just be yourself.

Let go of the judgement of your relatives and just let them be them. If they drive you crazy, say a little prayer for them and forgive them. Let go of thinking negative thoughts about them and watch how things turn around. You get what you give, so if you want this Christmas to be your best one yet, think positive thoughts about yourself and everyone else. Your thoughts really do create your reality. If you think Aunt Nelly is a pain in the butt, guess what? She will be! If you think your sister is rude, guess what? She will be. Change your thinking, like "poor Aunt Nelly really has a hard life," or "my sister doesn’t really mean to be rude, she just has a lot on her mind." You get what I mean?

This Christmas change your thinking! Try it just for the day. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You might even want to continue thinking good thoughts for the new year.

May 2018 be your best year yet!


Speaking of 2018, I'm excited to announce that I've teamed up with Bonnie Templeman of Embrace One Change on a special event in January called "Live Younger Longer!" The event will be held on January 3rd, 8th, 20th, 24th and 29th at The Hanover at The Pinehills in Plymouth MA.

Come join us - this event is FREE, and you'll get tips on how to feel better, look better and do better in the new year! Topics include nutrition, skincare, stress relief, inspiration, and dressing to express your true self. We're passionate health advocates who focus on helping people to be their best. We'll help you sparkle, shine and glow from the inside out in 2018!

Dates and times:

Wednesday, January 3rd: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Monday, January 8th: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Saturday, January 20th: 10:30 - 12:00pm

Wednesday, January 24th: 6:00 - 7:30pm

Monday, January 29th: 1:00 - 2:30pm

Space is limited, so choose your date and make your reservations today. Bring a guest!


Deborah: 774-255-0247 (call or text)

Bonnie: 508-747-0284 (call or text)


Posted on October 23, 2017 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (1)

This is the first of a 9-part series on the 8 steps to ignite your inner light and achieve bliss. This post on the step Surrender was originally written as part of my weight release program. However, even if you don’t have a weight issue, you can apply these steps to overcome other issues as well.

Every day, ask God to help you put a health plan into action, starting today.

Today, stop fighting with your body. Your struggle is only making you gain more. The more you fight it, the more you gain. It is time for you to heal. Time to feel.

It’s not so much what you are eating as what is eating you! It’s time to get out the white flag! Start waving that flag.

Surrender the control. Today, start living your best part of your life ever…in the present moment. Enjoy each moment. Accept your body and you will start to release your weight.

Before you get out of bed, surrender your weight. Talk to God about how you can change your weighty thinking. You have to surrender the negative thinking. If your thinking doesn’t change, even if you lose weight, you will gain it back. You need to connect your mind, your body, and your emotions to your soul. If you lose weight from your body, but do not change your weighty thinking, it will come back again. This time, try to do it differently. Let go and surrender all your limiting beliefs.

Eat slower and enjoy every bite. Savor the flavor. In between meals, you may have some fruit. For example, blueberries, an apple, pineapple slices, watermelon slice, or strawberries.

Eat an apple sitting down. Enjoy the taste of each piece. Eat in silence. Be grateful for the food. Say a prayer for the people who made it possible for you to eat it, like the person who picked the apple, the person who packed the apple, and the truck driver who brought it to the store.

Accept the fact that you have a food compulsion. Let go and surrender your weight. There is a place deep in you…go within and find you. When you accept who you truly are and love yourself, your weight will start to come off. You can start today to practice surrender. Can you turn the control over to God? Do you want to live in fear or faith? Do you want to feel anxiety or peace? Surrender and allow your body to lose weight naturally. Let go of your ego! Do you trust God? Just choose.

Every day as you sit and drink your coffee, write in your journal. Ask yourself: What is wrong? Why is my weight out of control? How does it make you feel?

Let your feelings come out. Feel your emotions. Let it out so you can let go and be free.

Remember how you felt when you were your ideal weight. Think about how you looked, then resolve to do the best you can. Let go of shame and guilt.

Your soul is hungry for nourishment too. Start today to feed your soul. Food will not comfort you for too long. Its pleasure is soon gone, but when you fill yourself up with food for your soul, you feel full, you feel filled.

Food for the soul:

  1. Tranquility
  2. Inspiration 
  3. Peace 
  4. Harmony 
  5. Gratitude 
  6. Appreciation 
  7. Self Love 
  8. Loving Others 
  9. Laughter
  10. Joy

Surrender all negativity:

  1. Self Doubt 
  2. Judgement
  3. Fear
  4. Anger
  5. Blame
  6. Guilt
  7. Stress
  8. Shame
  9. Hate
  10. Regret

Practice compassion and self-forgiveness. Reward yourself and praise yourself. Whenever you feel like, “what the heck,” turn it over and ask God for help. The desire will go, you just have to wait it out. Go for a walk, drink a big glass of water, take a bath, dance, sing, meditate, whatever…Just don’t give in.

Remember the old saying, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?” Think, “is the temptation worth it?” As we grow older, it becomes harder to get rid of unwanted weight. The harder you try, it seems, the harder it is to get the weight off. Starting today, please stop fighting with yourself. Remember, what you resist, persists.

You need accountability! Something has to change. Your problem with eating and being overweight goes real deep. You need to get to the root of why you can’t stop. Ask God, today, to help you turn it over to Him. Make up your mind that you are ready, this time, to totally surrender your body and soul over to Him. Be gentle with yourself, don’t be afraid, trust Him, let Him do it. It is His time. Find the power of surrender. Find you.

Take time every day to connect with God. This weight problem is God’s way of getting your attention. He wants to have a relationship with you. Don’t keep putting Him off. Connect with Him through meditation, journaling, and writing poems. All the diet failures are in the past. Today is a new day, a new beginning. Just admit, you need help; admit your weight has gotten out of control. The key to losing the weight is letting go. Accept the fact that you are overweight. Just surrender.

Surrender doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It means you’re joining forces with the power of the universe. You become unstoppable. Know that you’re never alone. God is in you. He is there to guide you and help you, if only you will let Him. Can you say, “Thy will be done?” Those words saved my life and they can save yours too. When you are ready to surrender, you become a partner with God. With God as your partner, you will succeed. The only thing holding you back is your ego; let it go. Feel the freedom. If you need help, just shout, “Help!”

Sit with your journal today and identify your struggle. Listen to your story. Is your inner voice saying “it’s not fair! It’s not my fault!” Blah blah blah. Stop and be aware. Notice. Do you feel angry, tight or stressed? Breathe. Close your eyes and breathe.

Whatever pain you are going through, God has the answer. Just ask. Most of the time when you are eating, you are feeding your emotions. Stop and ask yourself, am I hungry or upset? You can eat and eat and eat, but nothing, no amount of food is going to fill that empty place inside of you. The only thing to fill that void is His unconditional love. Let Him fill you up. Why are you keeping him out? Let it go…surrender.

Surrender to spirit and you will awaken to who you truly are. You will be free from all inner obstacles. Your struggle with your weight is your teacher. What can you learn from this struggle? Can you come face to face with your fear? Can you look your fear right in the eye? Once you say what your fear is, it loses its hold over you. Let go of your fear. Why do you hold it so tight? Let it go. Surrender it!

You are a powerful person. Don’t be afraid to grow. God is calling you and you know it. You keep eating, so you can’t listen to Him. He won’t give up. He will continue to try to get your attention. Be still and listen to Him.

Fear is holding you back from losing weight and you know what? Fear isn’t even real. It’s an illusion. You believe this fear and it holds you hostage. Fear is what is making you have a hard time losing weight. What are you afraid of? Say it out loud. Beating yourself up is not working for you. Surrender and let it go.

The ego is like a big bully. It is really afraid of your heart. It knows when you discover your true self, it will be taking a back seat because your spirit will be leading you. Go within and find yourself. You are a spiritual being and you are Love. There is a higher plan for you in this life. You are being called, answer it. Surrender to who you are and feel the power. Feel the freedom, the freedom to be you, free of fear. Ask yourself this week, and please journal, “what do I need to bring into my life?” What do I need to let go? What beliefs are getting in the way? What habits are not serving me?

Today, remember to drink lots of water, one half hour before each meal. This week, avoid alcohol and going out to eat. Purge your pantry and refrigerator of all temptations. Donate all the food to your church or local food pantry to help those in need.

Shop for healthy, alive food. If its not alive, don’t eat it. And last, but not least, eat all your meals at the table, sitting down. No eating in the car or standing up in front of the refrigerator. Be mindful! Change your mindset! Believe in yourself! Have courage to not listen to the critical voice in your head! If you fail, start over again. Don’t give up. You can do it. All you have to do is choose it. It is your choice.

October is Clean Out Your Closet Month!

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If you haven't already done it, now is a good time to put your summer clothes away and weed through them while you're at it. If you find an item of clothing that you never wore last summer, chances are you won't wear it next summer either. Donate it! Get rid of it! Just let it go!

This month I'm offering a service to help you clean out your closet. So for any of you who are having trouble, call me at 774-255-0247 and together we can get it done. Four hands are better than 2! For this month only, I have slashed my fee in half: $50.00 an hour. I am taking appointments at this price until October 28th.

My closet clearing session averages about 2 hours. That is, of course, depending on the closet. Together we take inventory of what you own and evaluate what to keep and what to let go. This process will help you not only feel organized, but you will discover your own personal sense of style. Your closet is the most important space in your home. It is where your day begins and where it ends. Shouldn't it feel tranquil? Imagine how nice that would be! Here's a testimonial from one of my clients:

"I had Deborah come into my home for a style and organization session. The first thing we did was remove all clothes from the closet and put them in the middle of the floor. This is an overwhelming experience in itself! Deborah carefully went over every piece to see what was a good color and style for my energy profile. The lightness you feel from this is just unexplainable; you feel like you've been lifted from the heaviness of the items that you were surrounded by."

- Diane Hazelton

On October 21st I will be speaking at a women's conference in Worcester. You can go to to learn more about it. The theme this year is, "I Am Woman." If you are free that day, you might want to plan to attend. An eclectic group of dynamic women from all over Worcester County will be there to inspire you. I am delighted to be part of this amazing event. My workshop topic is, "Connecting to Your Creativity."

I wish you a blissful October. Make some apple crisp or a nice apple pie. Find time to relax and enjoy this month!


Do you Feel Ready for a Change?

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone!

September is almost here. Can you smell the change in the air? When I went to the market today, I was so surprised to see the potted mums but when I saw the bundles of kindling, I almost cried. Summer is almost over and it is time to say goodbye to August. As much as I will miss the carefree days of summer, I do feel ready for a change. Do you?

Autumn is the perfect time for a new beginning. If there is something you have been wanting to change, now is a great time to align with your heart's desires. Try to do at least one nice thing for yourself everyday. You have unique gifts that no one else on earth can share. Don't hide your gifts. This month you can start to nourish your soul or start eating healthy. Just decide to make a change and make YOU the #1 priority.

If you are looking for a new fall look, be sure to attend my Dress to Express Your True Self Workshop on Saturday, September 9th from 1:00-4:00pm at 3 Daughters Jewelry, Apparel & More, 108 Water St. in Plymouth. The fee is $28. You'll learn what looks and colors best match the person you truly are. Plus there will also be a trunk show by Luxe Jewelry and you'll be able to shop 3 Daughter's new fall merchandise!

On Saturday, September 23rd I am hosting a book signing for my friend Diane Marie Ford, the author of The Spirits Speak on Success. Please be sure to come by The Hanover at the Pinehills from 2:00-4:00pm to meet her and get an autographed copy of her insightful new book.

I wish you all a spectacular September!


Slow Down and Enjoy Each Moment of Summer!

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Happy Summer!

Hello! Will someone please tell me where did the month of June go? Do you feel like time is speeding up?

Well, that may be true, but what I am certain of is that we have to slow down. Don't let this summer fly by! Enjoy each moment.

The best way to slow down is to go to the beach and watch the sunset. The awe of watching the sun go down can bring you to that precious state of bliss. Don't miss the bliss! Even if you are really tired at the end of the day, you will be amazed at how watching the sunset can energize you and connect you with the power of the universe.

Your gratitude will bubble up as you experience the spectacular sight. Just go out and watch the sky. Put down your phone and just enjoy the present moment. Catch the breathtaking moment and feel the stillness of the magic taking place before you. In that stillness, you will find you.

The sun sets every day but we are all so busy that we never take the time to watch it. Try to slow down long enough to enjoy the celestial show.

This summer, I will be doing workshops by appointment only. Also, please call me to schedule a shopping session or a closet consultation. If you have a special occasion, I would love to help you find the perfect outfit for your special event! Remember ladies, to stay true to yourself this summer. Let this be your best summer ever!

For those of you who attended my recent workshops, I thought you would like these descriptions of each energy type:

Type 1: Your energy is like the energy of a sunrise. Just as a sunrise brings forth a feeling of hope, your energy uplifts people too.

Type 2: Your energy is like the energy of a beautiful sunset. Just as the afterglow of a sunset brings forth a feeling of peace, your energy comforts people.

Type 3: Your energy is like the energy of the noon-day sun. Just as the sun is hot -- really hot at noon, you are a fireball, and you leave an impression on people.

Type 4: Your energy is like the energy of a lake on a summer day. Just as the lake reflects back, your energy serenely reflects the truth back to people.

During the month of July, try to connect with nature, and discover your true self.

Wishing you a blissful summer,


False Beliefs

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Do you have a core false belief that is sabotaging your life? Take off your mask and identify it. It will soon start to lose its strength. Awareness is the secret to stop believing in false beliefs. When you become aware of them, you will have a shift in your perspective.

My near death experience dissolved my fear of death and dying, but you don’t have to be on your deathbed to let go of fear, all you have to do is change your point of view!

Start today. Explore the deep false belief behind your fear, behind your mask. Ask yourself, “How is this limiting false belief affecting my life? Is it really worth holding onto the belief? What are the consequences if I’m unable to change my false belief? How will not changing the false belief affect me physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually?” Think about when the thought started. Go ahead, unlock your memory and let go of that false belief. Just surrender it.

Now, replace it with a new empowering belief. One that is true and feels loving and supportive of you. How does this new belief make you feel? How can this new true belief change your life for the better? How can this new belief affect the people around you and your relationships?

The most important belief is that you can change. Your mind is powerful. You can change your thoughts.