Deborah Towle O'Brien       
                  Bliss:is the Divine Within You!

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Thanks for visiting.  You know there are no coincidences. There is a reason you came here today.  My mission is to help you find the bliss deep within yourself so you don't have to look for it everywhere else.



Listening is a dying art and to lose weight you must listen to your body. Your body doesn't lie. 

Let's Get High on Bliss!

You are a spiritual being, having a physical human experience. My gift is to reconnect you to who you truly are, to your soul and to God.

Bliss can take you to new heights of happiness that you never could ever imagine.

I offer Bliss Coaching, Meditations, Spiritual Mentoring, Workshops, Weekend Retreats & More.

By letting go of things that hold you back, you can project the light that is the essence of your true nature. Experience The Freedom Of Being Your Authentic Self. My services start at $50, so take advantage of my Free Gift!

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Deborah O’Brien is the author of Bliss: Behind The Mask, the raw and candid memoir about her struggle with addictions that lead her on a dark path of self destruction. Today she teaches the lessons she learned about life the day she was dying of an acute overdose of pills and alcohol.  Deborah will gently guide you through a simple yet profound method of meditation to improve your life and your connection to the Divine.

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Guest- Cynthia Mazzaferro- Author of Powerful Beyond Measure