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What is Bliss? Bliss is a state of being in God's presence; it is a spiritual high, a thrilling feeling of being connected to Him. It is a state of knowing that even with all our faults, flaws, failures and sins, He still loves us.

If He loves you with all your flaws, why can't you love you?

My mission is to gently guide you to take off the mask. My passion is to teach you how to love and accept yourself while you learn how to dress to express your true self. This is how you can become the authentic woman that you were created to be. 

Feel the freedom to be you. 

I am the author of Bliss: Behind The Mask, the raw and candid memoir of my struggle with alcohol and drug addictions that lead me down a dark path of self destruction. Today, I teach the lessons I learned the day I was dying of an acute overdose and how my life completely changed.